Read this carefully if you want to be in Canada SOON.

Hi, my name is Dr. Lina Mba and I have helped hundreds of persons just like you come to Canada.

I am the CEO of Zeal Solutions, a travel solution company located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. We have a specialty in organizing conferences, helping with permanent residence, work abroad, coaching and study abroad

Just few months back, my team and I organized one of the biggest events in Edmonton where we brought in the likes of Alexx Ekubo (a Nigerian celebrity), Ade Tiger (Star of Netflix movie; King of Boys)

This event which was featured on so many news media platforms also benefited alot of persons who wanted to come to Canada through the visit visa (which can be converted to a work visa)

Not everyone will go through the study visa route. Conference visa is a great way to visit Canada and pursue other interests. As a recognized company in Canada, we have organized sold out events that has been a great avenue for people to come to Canada. 

We don’t just organize these events, we also help you with invitation letters which are recognized by the visa office because of our company.

Why you should do a conference visit visa?

  • It is easier to get approved.
  •  You don’t need transcript.
  •  You get to network and meet new persons at these events.
  •  You can extend your stay

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Frequently Asked Question

1. What is the advantage of the conference invitation letter?

Ans: The conference invitation letter clarifies your purpose of visit.

2. What is the best hotel/accommodation for me?

Ans: We recommend the best hotels and Air bnb depending on the size of the family and your budget.

3. Where is the conference located?

The conference holds in Edmonton, Alberta Canada.

4. Are fees refundable?

Ans: Kindly note that once the invitation letter has been issued, fee is non-refundable.

5. Can I come with my children?

Ans: Yes, most of the events are family friendly.

6. What is the length of visa that will be issued to me?

Ans: This depends on the visa officer.

7. Is this visa 100% guaranteed.

Ans: While we have a very high success rate due to the genuineness of our events, the final decision to issue a visa is dependent on the visa officer.

8. Can you organize a private workshop for my organization or government institution?

Ans: Yes we do. We have custom workshops to fit your organization type and genre. Regardless of your background, we have custom events tailored to meet your need.

9. Are there going to be awards or certificates of completion?

Yes. Depending on the workshop, you will receive a certificate of completion.