Enough of Hiding on Linkedin!

Final Opportunity to End 2022 on a High Note and Win Money

The Gigs, Clients, Sales and Jobs are not waiting for you! They are going to…

"The Visible Ones"

7 Figure Certified Linkedin Marketer, Haoma Worgwu wants to help place you, your business or your skill in the eyes of your potential clients, buyers, recruiters or opportunity holders for an entire 20 days on Linkedin


Here are more testimonials of my impact on people on Linkedin 

DO these problems sound familiar?

  • You wonder what exactly you are to post as content on Linkedin to attract your potential clients or recruiters.
  • Maybe You know what to post but you always get low views, engagements and impressions and then you stop 
  • Maybe you are consistent but then your content isn’t converting to clients, buyers, recruiters, etc.
  • You keep spending your data on Linkedin but you are getting nothing in return. Linkedin is currently a Liability to you not an asset
  • You beg people to endorse or recommend you on certain skills, so your profile can be attractive.

Cry No More, Your solution is here


tHE 20 Days Linkedin Growth, Visibility & Monetisation Challenge

The 20 Days Linkedin Growth, Visibility & Monetisation Challenge is the solution you need to get you, your business or your skill in the eyes of your potential clients, buyers, recruiters or opportunity holders for an entire 20 days through creation of CONVERTIBLE content.


Here is what you stand to gain

Increase Your Attractiveness/Credibility

Get Guaranteed additional 20 Skill Endorsements for your monetizable skill and 5 recommendations on your Linkedin page, to allow you attract any prospective client.

Win Money

Don’t spend your salary or your side hustle Money during this . By Joining, you have the Opportunity to be one of the winners of my Money (First Challenge Winner N50,000, 2nd Winner - N40,000, and 3rd Winner- N35,000)

Privileged Information/Strategy

As one of the few Africans to be part of the Linkedin Creators program for Africa, I would use our Weekly Linkedin Growth-Specific Strategy Call to share priviledged Linkedin information with you such as new and upcoming Linkedin features that can help you or your business.


Get Guaranteed increase in followers and post impressions from Day 1.


You will get Access to an Accountability partner to help you implement all the strategies you’ll learn consistently throughout the 20 days.

Never Run Out of CONVERTIBLE Content Ideas

Convertible Content Ideas for 20 Days which will get you in the eyes of your potential audience.

Ride on my Influence

I know you might not be able to build a community of over 100 people where you can pitch yourself. In this program, you will have access to our weekly Pitch Yourself Event. Here you can Get your other products and services in the eyes of 100+ community members. I will also be engaging on your posts to make you more visible to my own audience!

Hack Consistency with Automation tools, despite your busy schedule

Convertible Content Ideas for 20 Days which will get you in the eyes of your potential audience.

Premium Community Membership

Lifetime access to a premium community of like-minded business professionals to form valid connections and share the links to your Linkedin posts whenever you post.

Other Bonuses…

  • Free Access to my book “10 things I wish I Knew Before Showing up on Linkedin”
  • Diversify your Linkedin Content Game; learn to create carousels, thought-leadership content, Linkedin polls, video content, etc on Linkedin.
  • Get Completion Badge which you can put on your Linkedin and your social media. 

If I were to sell only the content creation arm of this challenge alone, it will cost more than $1000

That is asides the priceless other benefits and that you get by being a participant

Here comes the GoodNews?

Because I was once in your shoes and I really want to help you, I will grant you access to this transformative opportunity at a price way less than it’s actual value…

You will not pay $700

You will not pay $300

Neither will you pay $100

Instead, You’ll be Paying only $15 (..N5,999)

However this price is ONLY available to the first 100 people. After it’s filled, the price goes back to it’s actual value.
Quickly Secure your Slot before the window closes in 48hours

Chill, before you Continue… This Offer Is Not For Everyone

It’s for you Only if

  • You are tired of being at the same spot on Linkedin, when you know you have unique potential.
  • You are tired of watching others announce gigs, jobs, global opportunities etc
  • You are ready to use Linkedin to massively increase your income and influence 
  • You are fed up spending your data on Linkedin and getting nothing in return

…Then be my guest!

But if you know you don’t want the growth, you actually don’t need to join. We have only limited slots for each batch.

Who am I and why Should you trust me to lead you through this path?

I am the Linkedin Queen and I earned that title because of the results of my activities in the lives and businesses of thousands of professionals and business owners on Linkedin.

I have carried out👇

And I want to help you do the same.*

Join the winning team at a price not compared to the result you will get from this program 

See Students Getting Opportunities using this Solution

A short Story of My Own Journey

LinkedIn changed my life, and I still haven’t been able to get over it.

I went from being stuck at 24 followers for two months to having 37,000+ followers and 16,000+ Linkedin newsletter subscribers.

This made a huge impact on my financial life and allowed me to have my voice heard by thousands of people across the globe, impact lives and live the comfortable life I’ve dreamed of.

Now here’s the real deal 

In an entire two years of being on Linkedin(2020-2022), I saw no increase in my income, impact or influence. However in just the last 10 months of showing up there, I was able to make my first million from Linkedin, start earning in foreign currency, massively grow my influence and impact thousands of my students, followers and buyers.

Now what was the *one thing I did differently * in the times when I started seeing tremendous Linkedin growth and monetisation?


I was consistently using content to market  my self, my skills, my business and even other people’s businesses and programs.

This is what I want to help you do!

This Program comes with a money-back guarantee

If you go through the program and do ALL I tell you to do and you don’t see a significant difference, I will not only return your N5,997, I  will give you an extra N5,000 for wasting your time. 

That’s how confident I am of this program

Now I’ve seen results and helped others see results, I want to hold your hand to give you the Linkedin Growth, Visibility and Monetisation you’ve always dreamt of.

This is the last batch for this year and your last opportunity to make the year end on a good note despite how the past 11 months have been.